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Sending push notifications to your customers is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. Push notifications are pop-up messages that reach mobile phones and tablets without having to open the app that sends them. They allow you to reach their phones instantly and communicate news, offers or reminders. You can send individual messages, campaigns to a specific demographic, or bulk campaigns to all of your customers.

Email and SMS campaigns are other ways to send information to your customers, but they have some disadvantages. Emails can often end up in the spam tray and are not seen immediately, we have to wait for users to check their inbox. In addition, if we use mail marketing services such as MailChimp, we will have to pay to send each email campaign. SMS is not free either, and it also has much more limited functionality. We cannot send images or call to action buttons in an SMS.

Notifications on the other hand are free, can have images and buttons that lead to specific pages of your app and immediately reach your customers’ phone.




Not free to send
Immediate reception
Can not have images
Can not have buttons
Can not be filtered as spam
Not free to send
You have to check your inbox to see them
Can have images
Can have buttons
Can be filtered as spam
Free to send
Immediate reception
Can have images
Can have buttons
Can not be filtered as spam

In order to send notifications, your company needs an app. Your app can be hybrid or native, to find out which option is best for you, we recommend reading the article Do I need a native or hybrid app? or contact us explaining the needs of your company.

Once your app is uploaded to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, your customers will be able to download it, and from the backend of your website you can start sending notifications. To send notifications manually you will have to fill out a form where you will put a title and a message. Optionally, you can also add an image. In the form you will also select which user or group of users you want the notification to reach.

Formulario de envío de notificaciones
Notification title
Optional image
Andorid preview
iOS preview

Notifications can also be sent automatically. If, for example, you have an online store, notifications can be sent automatically when an order has been sent with the tracking link.

Phone daily use
Computer daily use

We are increasingly using mobile phones. Nowadays everyone always carries it with them, using it an average of 3.07 hours a day compared to the 2.3 hours we dedicate to the computer. That is why sending notifications is the best way to reach your customers. They see your messages immediately and with a single click they can enter your application.