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Custom software development

Multiplatform, total accessibility, unlimited users, completely safe

Custom development for your company's needs

With our custom software development service, we offer the best business solutions for your company. These programs also have the benefits of being a web.

Unlike a conventional program, which is executed in the company’s server and has to be installed in each of the users’ computers, the web software is executed in a cloud server that the users access on their web browser, the same way they would access any other web.

Custom development for your company's needs

Can be used on any device with a browser: Windows PC, Apple, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone, without needing any special adaptation. Besides, the web format is familiar and easy to use for the users.

The users can be anywhere in the world with Internet connection and don’t need special remote access systems to connect with the server. The connection is made through a web browser, so there’s no need to buy Microsoft RDP (Terminal Server) licenses.

The program updates only need to be done on the server, so the usual complexity and expense on this updates is substantially reduced. For the user it’s completely transparent.

The web program’s database can be bind via API with conventional management programs or ERP.

If needed, the users’ connections to the web can use strengthened security connexions with free VPN.

Allows the connection of a virtually unlimited number of users.

Novaclouder uses the most current technologies to offer advanced, reliable and economic solutions.

Study and analysis of your project without obligation

There are uncountable examples of management web programs widely used around the world. Bank webs that allow their customers to make operations, online universities’ e-learning platforms, etc.

Any web that manages contents or business processes and that goes further than a simple virtual shop needs a specific programming technology.

Novaclouder uses the most current technologies to offer advanced, reliable and economic solutions. The solution design with mockups, or the advanced development environments like Ruby On Rails, or Node.js are some examples.

We’ll study your project and help you define what you need with the most suitable technology.

    If your company isn't on the cloud yet, we can help you.

    Fill our form and tell us which are your company’s needs. Which ERP or management program do you use? How many users are you?

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