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Protecting your Communications: Preventing the Man-in-the-Middle attack

By Cloud computing, Industrial computing, Security, Webs
In the vast world of technology, where digital interconnection is the norm, the security of our communications is essential. However, there is a silent threat known as Man-in-the-Middle (MitM), a type of attack in which an intruder intervenes in the communication between two connected devices on the network, gaining unauthorized access to sensitive data. In this post, we will explore...
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Why does your website have to be mobile first?

By Sin categoría
What does mobile first mean? Mobile first is a methodology for building web pages where it is first designed for mobile devices and then adapted to computers. Appearance on small screens is given more importance than on big screens and this way ensures that everything works perfectly on mobile phones.   Why should I make a mobile first web? As...
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How to send notifications to your customers

By Sin categoría
Sending push notifications to your customers is one of the best ways to build customer loyalty. Push notifications are pop-up messages that reach mobile phones and tablets without having to open the app that sends them. They allow you to reach their phones instantly and communicate news, offers or reminders. You can send individual messages, campaigns to a specific demographic,...
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What is cloud computing?

By Cloud computing, Sin categoría

Cloud computing is the technology that allows using servers through the internet, and that’s playing a key role on digital transformation in a wide amount of companies of all sectors. Big companies have been using them for a long time, and pymes are progressively adopting them thanks to the communications improvement and the cheapening of costs. But what is really cloud…

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