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What does AWS mean?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is Amazon’s infrastructure of cloud servers, the biggest in the world at the moment.

What is a cloud server?

A cloud server is a server hosted on Amazon’s cloud infrastructure. It’s not a physical server, instead it is virtualized. In other words, it’s a software that manages a server, and it’s executed along many other virtual servers in one or many physical servers. This technology brings reliability and allows the server to be independent of the hardware. Additionally, it allows modifying the associated resources of any individual server easily.

How much does a cloud server cost?

The cloud servers have monthly subscriptions, and the price depends on the associated resources. In Novaclouder we size the servers for Sage, SAP or A3, depending on the number of users. The price is 39€ per user monthly. Check with us if you want a special configuration on your server.

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