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Five reasons to migrate your company to the cloud

By 25 September, 2020No Comments

For a company with a physical server in their office, the cloud is a great opportunity to strengthen their business and reduce expenses. On one hand, cloud servers have the same features than physical servers, are much safer, never get outdated, don’t need maintenance, are easily extendable, and are cheaper. A physical server can be replaced by an equivalent cloud server, which will have the same functions and will allow your company to stop wasting time and resources on maintaining the server, and spend it instead in your business.

These are the five main reasons to migrate to the cloud:

  1. Cloud servers aren’t physical, and therefore don’t get damaged and don’t need to be replaced at the end of their lifespan. They always work. Of course, the servers that host them are physical, but their maintenance is in charge of the cloud services providers and is totally transparent for the company’s that hire the cloud server service.
  2. Cloud serves are safer, thanks to being located in high security installations, with uninterrupted electric supply’s systems and controles access. The connexion between the office and the cloud server is made through VPN, and therefore only the previously enabled users have access to it.
  3. Cloud servers are easily extendable, because memory or HDD extension is nothing else than a change in configuration, and doesn’t mean a physical change. This allows avoiding oversizing physical servers in forecast of future needs. In the cloud you only need to hire your needed capacity at the moment.
  4. You don’t need an initial investment. Financially, cloud servers aren’t an expense but an investment. They’re usually payed monthly or annually. They’re lifespan it theoretically unlimited, so there’s no need to forecast renewal expenses as with physical servers.
  5. Cloud servers are cheaper than physical. If you add up all the additional expenses associated to owning a physical server (purchasing it, renewal costs, repairing and maintenance, electricity consumed, physical space wasted in the office, etc), you’ll realize a cloud server’s cost is inferior to a conventional physical one. Don’t forget the opportunity cost: the time and economical resources invested in purchasing and maintaining a physical server could be more profitable if invested in your business activity instead of wasting them on your server.


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